Barbara Marx-Hubbard wonderfully described the importance of co-creation for our time in her foreword to the book Co-Creators Handbook 2.0:

There is emerging a new humanity that holds within itself the seeds of a radically new future, one that has been envisioned in the great mystical traditions of the human race: the new heaven, the new Earth, and the New Jerusalem — beyond death, beyond scarcity, beyond the illusion of separation between humans and the Divine.

It is my sense that we are living through a period of quantum transformation and that on the other side is this radically new future, which has been envisioned, yet relegated to the purely mystical or the afterlife.

This future is actually the attractor of the next stage of human evolution. It is now unfolding in our midst, not as life after death, but as life after this stage of life. Revelation is unfolding in evolution. We have reached the end of one phase of human growth and consciousness and are entering a new era toward an emerging future still unknown.

It is becoming clear that self-centered humans with powers to transform life — in our current state of consciousness — will no longer be viable. Through biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, humans are gaining ever increasing powers to destroy the existing world.

We are facing a choice: either extinction or conscious evolution. This amounts to the evolution of evolution itself, from natural selection to conscious choice. If our species can learn ethical evolution in our generation — if we can attune to the deeper reality itself like the great seers and mystics of humanity have always done — we see the possibility of an immeasurable and unknown future: cosmic consciousness, species transformation, and contact with other life. If not, we already see the possibility of our own extinction.

In this epochal change toward the next stage of evolution, three great streams of evolution are unfolding:

1. The Nu Story

The Nu Story is the universal story of our evolution from the origin of creation to the First Age of Conscious Evolution. We are the generation to become aware of evolution and to realise that we are affecting it by everything we do. This means evolution by choice, not by chance. We are facing the daunting challenge of how to evolve consciously, not only to avoid self-destruction but to foster conscious self-evolution toward a future that attracts us. Humanity has no training in this field.

2. The Nu Individual

The Nu Individual could be called Homo Co-creator. This individual is universal in consciousness: one who is embodying within the deeper process of creation, the Impulse of Evolution, the divine intent of universal creativity. This individual is awakened by a passionate desire to participate in giving his or her gift, in becoming more loving, more creative, and in being an actual expression of the tendency toward more conscious life

3. The Nu Society

The Nu Society is the Co-creative Society: There is an emerging culture now arising in our midst that expresses the qualities of this new individual who is already dedicated to restoring Mother Earth, to freeing humanity from injustices, conflict, war, and disease. Homo Co-creators are humans guided by their soul essence, tending toward cosmic consciousness and visions of a world in which all people are free to give their best.

The essence of this design is allurement, joining together in a field of love to co-create. Nature has been joining seemingly separate parts into ever more complex whole systems for billions of years. Now humans are beginning to do it consciously.

Individuals join together in Co-creative Cores to fulfil the potential of each individual and each group so connected. They do so by attraction in a field of resonance. These small groups are the structure of the new world already arising in our midst. With deep yet simple processes that take us from small learning groups we build the field of resonance and shared insights, through a series of practices that reveal the pattern of self and social evolution. The process culminates with Co-creative Cores connecting, synergistically, through shared life purpose to develop new systems, innovations, and projects for the emerging world.

Core Groups are formative units of the emerging culture. As they connect and manifest action through the chosen vocations of their members, they are even now becoming organic functional elements within the new social body — its healers and entrepreneurs, its communicators, educators, artists, managers, and leaders of all kinds. Even now, networks of human-scale communities composed of such small resonant groups are forming the basis for the cultural reformation of the world.

Taking a deep breath and jumping across the quantum abyss in our imaginations, we can already see the glimmers of a radically new world. We already have developed a society whose organisations are co-creative with the patterns of evolution and with the spirit of creation. When we begin to add to the processes of social synergy new interactive internet capabilities to connect us co-creator to co-creator, our planetary nervous system will begin to become coherent. Facebook, Twitter, over seven billion cell phones, Google, and other dedicated platforms are gradually organising to support co-creation.

As our planetary nervous system is infused with co-creativity and love — and new structures such as Core Groups connect us with one another — the collective consciousness of humanity is being uplifted.

Into this emerging technological and social arena, we can see young co-creators, our children’s children, entering into the process of conscious evolution. We see them designing new social systems and eventually gaining access and guidance over the evolutionary technologies which promise radical new powers, abundant energy, and non-polluting technologies to liberate us from Earth-bound, creature human existence. Even now we find ourselves at the threshold of universal life.

Core Groups practicing the essential elements of co-creation are a home base for pioneering souls who are called to make the transition in our own lives, families, work, and communities. By modelling this change individually and socially, at whatever level we are capable of, we are seeding the chaotic culture around us with islands of coherence and alignment with the deeper tendency of evolution for higher consciousness and greater freedom through a more synergistic order. We are making the quantum leap ourselves.

When we are resonating together in this mode, we are living in this very moment in a new heaven and a new Earth. Wherever two or more are gathered in this state of being, the future is present now. We realise the dream and fulfil the promise of all the great mystics of the world.

Let us make an immeasurable contribution to this quantum jump to the next stage of human evolution—to “heaven on earth.”

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