Project Areas


  • We are a co-creative social permaculture based on cosmic principles.
  • Permaculture is not just an alternative form of cultivation. It’s a lifestyle. This is exactly the natural lifestyle that shaped us and our activities in the association.
  • Others are vegetarian or vegan. We are open to all new, natural lifestyles.
  • With our lifestyle and permaculture projects, we are opening up a whole new morphic field based on cosmic principles.

Organization / Management / Flow

  • Flow is the natural form of being active. Many also call being active work; But for many, work is often laborious, often not really meaningful and not self-fulfilling.
  • With our projects we promote new forms of “work”, of being active, so that more and more people simply enjoy their activity, which realises them and their visions.

Spirituality / Money & Mindset

  • We are born as creators and are drilled to be victims by many institutions of the current civilisation.
  • In order to overcome this, it is not primarily about to change something politically or socially, but first of all to grow spiritually.
  • With our projects we specifically promote the spiritual development of each individual. And that includes deliberately money and mindset: the mindset that someone has, is expressed in so many things – especially in monetary matters.

Health / Naturalness

  • Health, sustainability and easiness are the hallmarks of vital life.
  • And it is precisely at this point, it is not about to intervene in our self industrially, technocratically, artificially, manipulatively, but simply to follow the regular course of nature.
  • With our projects we specifically promote health, sustainability and, above all, ease in a natural way.

Change of Behaviour

  • Program yourself to the new self.
  • Awareness training. NLP.
  • Programming and meta-programming of the human biosystem according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

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