Our Vision

The Situation

  • Regarding the question of distribution, we find a truly grotesque situation: so much is in great abundance just there; nevertheless, there is so much shortage due to artificial scarcity. Whole crops are destroyed even though there are people in the same country who starve to death.
  • At the moment, we are in a time of massive transformation. So much is in motion, in change; even if so many do not experience it, because they are simply kept in the hamster wheel calmed, busy, hypnotised.
  • This is very important: Do you regard the world, the reality as friendly or hostile. It’s like a slithering racer getting to where he directs his focus: when he stares at the approaching wall, he bounces against it; on the other hand, if he focusses on the road, he will most likely return to it.
  • And that’s really strong now: emotions decide about war and peace. If there is enough positive energy then no war can take place.
  • Visionaries use their visions to create the socio-morphic fields of the future. All the social structures in which we live today were once created by visionaries.
  • But visionaries usually create isolated silos with their visions, thus leading to fragmentation. This fragmentation is often only overcome by the eroding dilution of vision into the usual monotony.

The Question

  • How can we visionaries create a friendly reality WITHOUT the individual visions degenerating into completely isolated silos, but in a wonderful, modular and compatible, multifaceted individual reality – a true uni-verse.

The Answer

Simply co-creation. Why?

  • Competition has brought us to the rivalry, as we know it with its aggressiveness currently. We are used to that. Competition also leads to oppression with its opposition: culture against culture, people against people, man against woman, parents against children, humans against animals, etc.
  • Cooperation comes closer to our naturalness. Cooperation means that we benefit each other. We work together, but we do not foster each other.
  • Co-creation is what suits us humans best. We tune into each other and create something completely new.

And that’s exactly what we do at nu-civilization. We carry out co-creative projects in our areas, in which we deliberately let ourselves be guided by cosmic laws that you will only find in our association.

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